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Mighty Con Was A Pretty Mighty Con

On Saturday and Sunday this Labor Day weekend was another Mighty Con. This time no one had to worry about the air conditioning going kaput, because it was held at the QCCA Expo Center which doesn’t have air conditioning. Which is definitely a creative way to address complaints. All kidding aside it was a decent weekend both for the convention itself and on a personal level.

I arrived at the con early on Saturday, partly because I was with other people, partly because I had other things going on that day and needed time to get them all done and partly because we were aware that Saturday was supposed to get hot and humid and we wanted to avoid that. When we got to the Expo Center there was a small line of people waiting to get in. After we got into the convention the three of us walked the floor looking for various things. I went with my dad and uncle so they went looking for war comics, I was mostly looking for Marvel Legends.

While wandering the floor I saw a number of people I knew and stopped to talk to a few of them when time allowed. One dealer had dozens of long boxes full of comics which he was selling at fifty cents each. I hadn’t planned on doing any box diving this weekend, but I thought for that price I’d at least look and see what I came across. I’m glad I did because I found the first three issues of a Greg Rucka comic I’d never seen before called Felon. He had the first three issues and because I didn’t want to have to deal with change I found a U.S. Agent three part mini-series written and drawn by Jerry Ordway.

There was one problem with Rucka’s Felon series; I had a feeling that Felon wasn’t a three part mini-series. Four or six I could see, but not three. I looked it up later and I am missing the fourth and final issue, which I’ll have to track down later.

I wandered around more and another vendor was offering a lot of comic bundles, some randomly filled with various comics, some straight runs of series. I saw a pack of the first thirty or so issues of volume one of Alpha Flight, a series I’ve toyed with collecting for a while. It’s not an expensive series overall and I only spent ten dollars on those first thirty or so. What really surprised me was a pack of Grant Morrison’s JLA run for only twenty five bucks. I texted a friend of mine to ask if he knew how long Morrison was on JLA which replied with forty one issues, the first three issues of JLA Classified and one special. So that one purchase almost covers the entire Morrison run.

We left around noon to get lunch and because it was starting to get hot in the Expo Center. We resolved to return Sunday morning to look around some more when it wouldn’t be so hot. When we returned I went looking for those Morrison issues and Felon number four, but I didn’t find them. I did pick up the remaining Marvel Legends I didn’t get Saturday that didn’t get picked over after I left. So I didn’t get everything I was after, but I didn’t bring enough money for everything I wanted anyway.

Overall it was a good show. Attendance seemed steady and there was enough room between the aisles  that you didn’t have to worry about bumping into people. There was a good variety of dealers offering different wares, so that there was a little something for everyone. The tickets were still ten dollars for a single day, fifteen for the weekend, which is a bit expensive. They had more dealers at this show which helps to justify that price this time, but they should really try and have the price of attendance lower.


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